Haus am Rhein – Your restaurant at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair

  • Contact

    Restaurant Haus am Rhein
    Rotterdamer Straße 40
    40474 Düsseldorf
    Tel: +49(0)211-4361579

  • Opening hours

    Our kitchen is opened:
    Tue-Fri from 11.30 - 15.00
    and 18.00 - 22.00
    Sat & Sun from 11.30 - 22.00



    Sherry medium, dry5cl
    Martini white5cl
    Campari Soda, Orange0,1l
    VW Martini with Williams pear 5cl
    Prosecco 0,1l

    Cold Starters

    Carpaccio of Beef Fillet
    Rocket salad with balsamic dressing and parmesan
    with potato fritters, salatbouquet, and honey mustard dill sauce
    Mediterranean plate
    smoked salmon, carpaccio of beef, mozzarella with tomatoes, rocket in balsamic dressing
    Tomato and mozzarella
    with pesto and rocket bouquet
    Baked feta cheese
    in crunchy breading on mixed salad


    Tomato cream soup
    with cream topping
    Fish soup
    à la maison

    Speciality of the house

    Roast beef roasted pink
    with salad bouqet, tartar sauce, onion rings and fried potatoes
    Calf's liver "Berlin style"
    on mashed potatoes with apple slices, fried onions and coated with jus
    Thin and crispy bacon pancakes
    with bacon, green onions and salad
    Sauerbraten "Rheinische Art"
    Braised beef, marinaded in vinegar with red cabbage, potato dumplings and apple compote
    Spaghettinis "al Scolio"
    with fried shrimp in white wine dill cream sauce
    with sliced pork, herbs, tomatoes, fresh white mushrooms in a light cream sauce
    Bavette No13
    with beef strips, tomatoes, herbs, garlic
    in tomato cream sauce and fresh parmesan

    Rivers and Seas

    Sea bream fillet
    with fried sage potatoes and broccoli
    Zander fillet
    crispy fried and coated with shrimp, served with small potatoes and seasonal salad
    Salmon in foil
    on herb cream sauce, with spinach and fried potatoes
    Salmon steak
    fied, on sauce hollandaise, steamed potatoes and mixed salad

    Lusty and subtle

    Wiener Schnitzel
    veal cutlet breaded with roasted potatoes and salad
    Jäger Schnitzel
    veal cutlet breaded with fresh mushroom sauce , served with french fries and salad
    Medallions "Haus am Rhein"
    pork in a mushroom Riesling sauce with duchess potatoes and seasonal salad
    Pork loin
    tender pork medallions with herb butter , roasted potatoes and broccoli
    Pork fillet "Madagaska"
    Pork medallions with pepper sauce, potato croquettes and seasonal salad
    Pork Medallions "Duchess"
    wrapped in bacon gravy, duchess potatoes and seasonal salad

    Argentinean beef

    Rump steak "Rustic"
    with vegetables, herb butter and roast potatoes
    Rump steak "Düsseldorf Senfrostbraten"
    with mustard crust, braised onions, hollandaise sauce, fried potatoes and seasonal salad
    Pepper Steak "Argentina"
    with green pepper in cream sauce , croquettes and broccoli
    Fillet steak "Förster Art "
    beef fillet with mushroom Riesling sauce, French fries and salad
    Rump steak "Zadar"
    with green and red pepper cream sauce, served with french fries and mixed salad
    Fillet steak "special"
    baked shrimp and mushrooms with cheese, served with duchess potatoes and mixed salad
    Rump steak "Valentino"
    Juicy steak with prawn and bacon in a red wine sauce, french fries and salad
    Beef "Opera"
    tender beef fillet in a spicy , mushroom and bacon sauce with croquettes and salad

    For our little guests

    breaded pork cutlet with french fries
    with tomato sauce
    Fish fingers
    with tartar sauce and french fries


    Small mixed salad
    Salad Dalmatia
    with feta cheese, olives, peppers and onion rings, served with toast
    Salad "Greenland"
    with fresh shrimp, olives and tomatoes, served with toast
    Salad "California"
    with roasted turkey breast, spring onion and toast
    Salad "Kaital"
    with roasted rosemary potatoes, cream cheese and toast
    Salad "Honeymoon"
    with roasted turkey breast in honey and chilli sauce with sesame toast